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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  September 8, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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fierce flooding. rivers wide. neighborhoods are covered in rushing water. wjz is live with complete coverage of the dangerous floods. hi. i'm kai jackson. mary is on assignment. here's what people are talking about. water seems to be covering everything. streets and cars were hit hard, by rushing floodwaters, including here at crom well bridge road in baltimore county. >> and take a look at the jones fall. as it rushes through the city. here's a look at the conowingo dam. derek val court has the flooding problems in the city. andrea fujii surveyed the damage in the county. and mike hellgren is following evacuations in port deposit.
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we'll start with mike. he is live in port deposit. it is a sad and familiar story there, mike. >> kai. it certainly is. and you saw the video from the conowingo dam. those videos are so powerful. and if all of that flooding that we've had from irene and the past couple of days, that's coming from the north, putting pressure on the dam. you can see behind me, the susquehanna river and just how much that water is just flowing down to port deposit. at this point, there are 34 of 53 gates open. they expect to have 50 of those gates open by the time this peaks, that should be saturday morning, at 6:00. >> reporter: raging waters poured from the conowingo dam, as more floodgates opened, threatening port deposit on the banks of the susquehanna river. wjz was there, when a swift water rescue team went out.
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they called for help. >> i'm sorry we had to put all of these people through all of that trouble. but i guess it's what they are trained for and what they like to do. >> it's good that you're safe? >> unhurricane, -- uh-huh, yes. >> reporter: mandatory evacuations will start at 8:00 tonight. after that, the mayor says those who stay behind could be on their own. >> this could be the worst flooding event in the history of the dam since it's been built. we're not going to risk our rescuers to go in after the the mandatory evacuation is issued. >> reporter: water is already starting to fill the streets. >> do you think it is smart to stay? >> no, i don't think it is. because now the electric is off. i have friends that are down in the 100 building that did not leave. and i'm concerned about them. >> reporter: and she certainly has a right to be. you're looking at video of the conowingo dam from sky eye chopper 13. again, 34 gates open.
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right now, they expect to open many more throughout the evening. and with a maximum, they believe, of 50 gates. that should be by saturday morning. mandatory evacuation order will go into effect there at 8:00 tonight. they want everybody out. the water is rising there. faster than they thought. everybody is quite concerned about this in port deposit. also, havre de grace, which is also past 95 from port deposit. not far from the susquehanna, they expect flooding there. this is an all-too-familiar scene here in port deposit. but flooding at this level has not happened there in many years. so this is going to be quite a task to get everybody out. we did meet some people who are going to stay behind. and you'll hear from them coming up at 5:00. reporting live at the conowingo dam, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> tim williams is here with a closer look at the flooding on the susquehanna. what dramatic video from sky eye chopper 13, behind mike hellgren.
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tim? >> dramatic, indeed. it's no secret to anyone that all of this water has been going due south to due north. with that said, let's take a look at first warning live doppler radar. all of this across the state line is settling into the tributaries upstream from the susquehanna. needless to say that the conowingo dam and everything at port deposit is at its banks. there are flood warnings. gray area, flood warnings in effect. and guaranteed, they will be extended as we move on into the evening and tomorrow. this is a reason why. take a look at these numbers. in average flood stage for the conowingo area, the average flood stage for the dam, trying to get that out there, is just around 10 feet above the average sea level. current flood stage now is just around 30 feet. it's expected to crest tomorrow morning and into saturday morning, at around 8:00 a.m., at just around 35.8 feet.
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we were talking about agnes and how this compares. the level for agnes was at 36.8. just about one foot difference between where we are now and where we're expected to crest, between now and saturday morning. that is the reason there is so much concern around the conowingo dam and the susquehanna river. we'll continue to keep you posted on those levels, kai. but for now, back to you. >> first warning weather coverage continues with derek valcourt. derek has more of the flooding closer to baltimore. >> reporter: just about every one of the flood-prone areas in the baltimore region, has been under water at some point in the last 28 hours. officials around the region, dealing with power outages, road closures, damages, even one fatality. >> reporter: sky eye chopper 13 over the flooding in cockeysville, damaging cars, businesses and homes. yards covered, streets impassable. throughout maryland, many bridges washed out by swollen rivers and streams. in ellicott city -- >> down the roads here.
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>> reporter: this you tube captured the river. rains deluged the river. around baltimore county. >> i've never seen anything near this. >> reporter: drivers encountered road closure after road closure. >> reporter: marisol road. and then granit road. and then offet road. and now here. >> reporter: many choosing not to cross roads. many learning it's not a smart move. even dangerous to professional rescue crews. >> flipped on top of us. >> reporter: even flood-prone areas, residents say it's been decades since they've seen this much water. >> this is amazing. i've seen the water come up as far as where that gold car is. but i've never seen the water come to the point where i couldn't drive in the alley. this is absolutely amazing. >> reporter: trouble, too, in baltimore city. officials closely monitoring flooded parts of cherry cherry hill, in case they need to evacuate residents who feel
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help will. -- helpless. >> reporter: along the flood- prone areas, other parts are also off limits. >> let's just hope it doesn't get too much higher for a lot of people. >> reporter: a lot of folks dealing with damages, certainly going to be cleaning up for weeks. bge also has their hands full. the storm knocked out power to nearly 70,000 of their customers. they have been working for the last 29 hours to restore power. all of them were down to about less than 3,000 bge customers without electricity at this hour. we're live, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, derek. thank you. the last thing we need now is more rain. but looks like we just can't catch a break. bob turk is tracking more rain on first warning live doppler radar. >> most of it is west of our region. take a look at radar. we have flood warnings issued again. heaviest activity is now. and there's another batch moving into each other. northeast of us, you see that
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at port deposit. pretty quiet out there. southwest of us, a lot of rain. west of washington, all moving to the north. frederick, and montgomery county. and south of the baltimore region. there is still a few cells developing just to the southeast. and we will probably see some of that moving into our region later tonight. we're not totally done. also, heavy activity, over southern delaware. you take another look at the activity. all of it is moving pretty much from south to north. a little bit really to the northwest. we did catch a bit of a break today. at least it's been somewhat dry in the baltimore region. and we are currently not under a flood warning under the baltimore metro. the flood warning is from frederick county to montgomery county, also, central and southern delaware and also caroline county in maryland, with flooding there possible. still heavy around the region. looks like it's somewhat of a lesser amount of rain today. looks like tomorrow, a little less. and even less chances coming for the weekend. kai?
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[ no audio ] >> and of course, down on the lower eastern shore. we saw hardly anything. let's take a look at some totals. really, we only saw about an inch or less on the lower eastern shore. we're talking carroll county on out. we only saw between two and four inches. the event really started to happen up and down the 94 corridor and 95. 2 to 4 inches and 5 to 7 inches across much of the state. more specifically, here are some of the numbers across the state, from sparks, almost 5 1/2 inches, same down to westminster. bel air reported 5 and three- quarters. same with bwi marshall. we'll have totals for the state coming up later in our newscast. but annapolis had about five and a quarter. almost six inches of rain heading down towards maryland. these are incredible. we're not done with these numbers yet. we'll tally these numbers and
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have more coming up. back inside, kai? >> jessica kartalija is at, with pictures viewers have sent in. jess? >> reporter: well, kai, we're getting pictures of a lot of the viewers in their neighborhoods. check out this frightening scene in anne arundel county. a woman drove through standing water in davidsonville and ended up stuck in a sinkhole. in ellicott city, a retaining wall collapsed there, crushing six cars under a pile of rubble. and take a look at this shot from gambles. flooded patuxent river is blocking the only road in and out of this community. and the gun powder river has completely covered big falls road in monkton. please keep those pictures coming. send us your best shots by going to and click on the link at the top of the home page. >> jessica, thank you. be sure to watch wjz and for first warning weather of the flooding. you'll find the updated forecast, and you can track live first warning doppler
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radar. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin. we know yesterday was a mess on the roads. we hope today is a little better. >> reporter: so far, kai, not really. we have so many flooded-out spots out there. if you're up there in the bel air area, we have one of the roads washed out there. 543 between conowingo road and 440. all lanes blocked. albot road, closed between granite. that bridge has been completely washed away. rice mill drive, closed between davis avenue and sweet autumn drive. glen burnie, 176 flooded out between 648 and central avenue. liberty road at essex road. all lanes blocked in that direction. and back to harford county. cars mill between veil road and wild road drive. also joppatowne, all lanes blocked. and in the sparks area, york road at sparks road. that area there is completely under water. as you can see, let's take a
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live look. everything moving well on the main roadways. 95 south of the tydings bridge. let's take a look at the belt there at harford road. this is brought to you by baltimore harley-davidson and old glory. you can register now for the 9/11 ride to remember. all motorcycle enthusiasts welcome. you can register at back to you. a big boost for baltimore. that's what city leaders are saying about the baltimore grand prix. vic is in the newsroom with the economic impact of the race. >> the inaugural race drove up the bottom line. and parking garages both say they saw big boosts in business labor day weekend. organizers told us today, they sold more than 110,000 tickets to the races. one of the grand prix struggles was on television. only 591,000 viewers tuned in to watch the race on sunday. much slower than organizers had expected. kai, back to you.
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>> probably because you weren't driving, vic. that's obviously the reason. or there would have been crashes. >> thank you. the final economic impact report will be released next month. hitting the jackpot. one lucky person in maryland is 107 million dollars richer after winning the power ball drawing. check your tickets. here are the winning numbers. 3, 5, 18, 27, 54. and the power ball is 13. the winning ticket was sold at wine world in abingdon. this is maryland's first power ball win. the winner can collect $1.2 million for -- every year for 48 years or collect $42 million in one lump sum after taxes. purple birds, the tenth most valuable team in the league. at the top of the list, the dallas cowboys. really? really? maryland's are the team issue the washington redskins, and second, the new england
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patriots round out the top 3. ravens kick off the season against the steelers. sunday, there's only one place to watch the game. it's right here on wjz 13. kickoff is just after 1:00 sunday. and don't forget to sign up for the pizza bolis challenge. just go to, and look under the quick link section on the left side of your home page. there are weekly winners, by the way, and a grand prize winner. so sign up now. still ahead at 4:00. we aren't the only ones dealing with dangerous flooding. i've lived here all my life. 56 years now. and it's the worst i've ever seen. >> the widespread water problems and why the worst is yet to come. toxic troubles at mcdonald's. the dangerous problem that made diners struggle to breathe. and don't fear the uniform. how you can get your hands on the most talked-about football outfit of the year. and struggling to stay dry. when we'll finally get a break
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one person is dead and nine others are hospitalized by fumes at a mcdonald's in georgia. customers called 911 when they discovered a woman passed out in the bathroom. rescuers found two people passed out and others struggling to breathe. investigators think a chemical problem caused the people to get sick. a bizarre robbery attempt in san diego, by a man dressed as a cartoon character, is all caught on tape. the suspect came into the 7- eleven, dressed as gumby, and demanded money from the cashier. it wasn't a joke. the cashier thought it was a prank. he reached into his pocket but only 27 cents came out. investigators say they are looking for the man who walked into the store with gumby, to
4:19 pm
identify the suspect. another step backwards on wall street. [ stock bells ringing ] the losses for the market today. dow was down 119. s&p off 13. nasdaq off 20. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: ben bernanke says the federal reserve has a range of too lates for stim -- of tools for stimulating the economy. but the fed chief stopped short of announcing any new steps. he also confirmed the economic recovery has been much weaker than he had hoped. the unemployment lines grew longer last week. the number of people applying for benefits rose from $2,000 to -- from 2,000 to 14,000. it's a sign that companies are still laying off workers. president obama will address this tonight in a speech before congress and the nation. mr. obama is expected to lay
4:20 pm
out a $3 billion proposal. saab may file for bankruptcy as early as next week. a swedish court rejected the car maker's application for protection from its creditors. the ruling is the latest setback for cash-strapped saab. mortgage rates are at record lows. freddie mac says the average for a 30-year low fell to 4.1%. that is a record since 1971. but record lows have done little to prop up the slumping housing market. stay with in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. coming up at 4:00, a dramatic rescue from a burning car. >> we're kind of short on time because it was really an inferno. >> the rescuers' dilemma. and the problems the driver ran into after she was saved. putting a plan back to
4:21 pm
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taking a look at darlington. all of the water is at the conowingo dam. the susquehanna river, really roaring now. a lot of the water upstream, across the mason-dixon line up north. starting to get into the tributaries and the small little rivers. and they're all starting to feed now into our main stream. we're going to be keeping an eye out for that for you. and of course, we'll keep an eye on cresting. and we're looking at rain, much like yesterday, not quite as heavy. but in the same pattern and the same path as we've seen over the last almost 48 hours now. just about 3 inches of rain, approaching 3 inches of rain. more today, at bwi thurgood marshall, than we had this time yesterday. we are looking at just enormous amounts of rain. almost a foot above our average rain totals for the year, above where we typically would be this time of year.
4:25 pm
we're almost a foot above that right now. we are just watching this system, eventually moving out of here. but right now, as you see, all of the flood warnings in place, all of the dark gray, flash flood watches and warnings in place, the light gray. and that's because of all of the heavy rain coming down. temperatures have reflected the cooling of the rain coming through. 75 degrees right now. we haven't seen a lot of sun. the sun with all of this moisture would trigger all of the thunderstorms. and we don't need that on top of the rain moving through. 71, dew point. relative humidity, pretty high. winds from the east/northeast at 15 miles per hour. 29.88 is your barometer reading. we have 70 in oakland. 77 on the shore. 80 is the warm spot down near pax river. to put it all into perspective, our average high for this date is 81 degrees. we are nowhere near that. 15-mile-per-hour winds coming from the northeast, are right around central maryland. we have calm readings to the
4:26 pm
west. but the double-digit winds are still a function of this system moving on across the region. the actual center of what was the remnant or what is the remnant now of lee, is just out over the ohio valley. the ohio river valley. and that is spinning. it is all of the rotation around that that is bringing this tropical moisture and this moisture off the atlantic straight up. and for a system that you can see just out on the edge there. that's katia. for a system that never really impacted us. katia is impacting several problems. because it's bottling up everything that is trying to move on offshore. katia is still expected to make a move to the north and northeast. still continues to move away. still a category 1 storm. strong enough to still have a dominant presence in the atlantic. until katia gets out of here, lee can't really move into our direction and get out of here. so maria is now the next storm that we're watching that is coming off the coast of africa. but again, making a turn to the north. now, this one we have to watch, much for the same reason that
4:27 pm
we did with katia. still moving in our direction. the models have it moving up and away. but it is still too far away to really be certain about where the path is going to take it. the last system we have to keep in mind is nate. down around the gulf, could have been the answer to all of texas's problems. certainly not going to be that far to make landfall down into mexico. right now, low pressure is still going to bring us a chance of rain and showers into tomorrow. then we'll start to see some improvement. sunset today is at 7:26. northwest winds on the bay at 5 to 10 knots. no advisory. mr. jackson, we're going down to 66 degrees tonight. and tomorrow, 84 degrees, above the average high of about 81. still looking for a little rain in the forecast. and we'll start to see the improvement into the weekend. >> quick question. a lot of people are wondering. i know you're hearing this a lot. how did this rain compare with the rain from irene? >> this actually is more from the rain from irene. >> amazing. >> more than from irene.
4:28 pm
we had one batch of rain. this one, we've had two to three separate times of five inches. >> that's a reality check. be sure to tune in tonight to cbs for the mentalist. now, we're continuing to keep an eye on the furious flooding around mexico as you know. here's a look at the hard-hit areas and the mess it left behind by that water. tropical storm lee is gone. now, residents across the northeast are bracing for another problem. i'm terrell brown, in harrisburg, pennsylvania. details coming up. protecting you from designer drugs. the emergency move to crack down on dangerous bath salts. eyewitness news at 4:00 ,,,,,,,,,,
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we just passed 4:30.
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75 degrees and overcast in central maryland. look at that water right there. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. and here's what people have been talking about. >> we have been talking about it. dangerous floods. wjz's sky eye chopper 13 is over port deposit. and the mayor has ordered a mandatory evacuation, as more floodgates on the conowingo dam are opened. clearing the water out. flooded buildings there. wjz has complete coverage of the devastating floods. mike hellgren is following the evacuations in port deposit. and terrell brown shows us the dangerous conditions all over the northeast. let's go to mike in harford county for the latest on the flooding there. incredible pictures, mike. >> reporter: they really are, vic. you can really tell the power of the water here. and all of that is coming partly from irene, partly because of the rains we just had. if we look out here into the susquehanna river, you can see
4:33 pm
just how fast that water is moving, how it is taller than some trees, as it rushes toward the small towns of port deposit. and also toward havre de grace. if we can take a look at some video, just in from sky eye chopper 13, from some of the flooding that is right now happening in port deposit, they expect to have 50 floodgates open when this peaks on saturday morning. and that is going to mean a lot of those streets are flooded. there is a voluntary evacuation order in effect there now. there will be a mandatory evacuation in effect starting at 8:00 tonight. they want people out. and they say that once they do the mandatory evacuation, if something happens to you, there will be no rescue crews that will be safely able to come in and save you. the town is basically cut off. the roads are closed at this point. the only way to get in or out is really by air. and if we can come back for a moment and take another look at
4:34 pm
the susquehanna river. they are basically relieving all of the pressure that is coming down from the north, from new york. and other areas. and all of that is coming down the susquehanna. so they have to open those floodgates in order to release that. this will be the most flooding. and the highest number of gates that have been open here. since 1972. reporting live, in the conowingo dam, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. denise? >> that's something. let's get the latest on the rainfall that is soaking our area. bob has a look at live doppler radar. >> other areas that didn't get rain yesterday got really soaked today. take a look at radar. take a look around the region. there's kind of a dry spot between let's say, carroll county and the eastern shore. but there is still more rain coming up from the south. out to the west, flood warnings now. heavy rains moving directly north toward the frederick area, mount airy region. up toward libertytown as well.
4:35 pm
heavy rain west of washington. and our heavy batch here from crofton down through southern maryland. it's moving up to the north. it may get to the baltimore western suburbs this evening. and still more showers. heavy stuff near fredericksburg. and it's going to be in this area as we speak right now. we keep watching it. looks like at least across the baltimore area, we have a risk of more storm activity tonight. now, as far as the watches go, the flash flood warnings right now in effect for frederick and montgomery county and northern virginia countiless. the rest of the -- counties. the rest of the region still under a flash flood watch. because we have a risk of seeing at least some areas flooding later on tonight, as still risks of rain continue across the region. now, how much rain have we had? tim has a look at some remarkable numbers we've had this year. >> these numbers are incredible. and to give you perspective. just two weeks ago, we were just about even in the state for the year, with our rainfall numbers. now, having said that, going
4:36 pm
from the right of your screen over. our normal rainfall for this date, up until this time of year, just around 28 and three- quarters of an inch. for the year, we've had 37.70 inches of rain. what that means for us is that we had almost 12 inches, almost a foot above our average rainfall totals for the year. and just about all of that rain, all of that excess, happened since irene, just about a week and a half ago and now. and of course, that's at the bwi official reporting station. at bwi marshall. some areas have had a little more. some have had a little less. but that is the official number. we'll continue to keep you posted because the rain is still falling. and we'll have more coming up in our newscast. >> thank you, tim and bob. the rapid weather seems to be worsening as torrential rains cause flooding from new york to virginia. >> reporter: rising floodwaters are sweeping through harrisburg, pennsylvania. threatening to wash large
4:37 pm
propane tanks away. the susquehanna is threatening to overflow its banks. people are ordered to evacuate. >> the situation is going to get worse over the next day, as the rivers and streams continue to rise. >> reporter: in york county, this man was caught in raging waters when he tried to get to his car. rescue crews used the boat to pull him to safety. >> this one has a happy ending. so we're going to call 911 and find out where our next call is. >> reporter: in harrisburg, pennsylvania, you can see the susquestion susquehanna river. right now, i'm standing in a park. you can barely see the tops of benches. and the water here is still rising. >> reporter: workers are sandbagging near binghamton, new york. trying to keep water out of a middle school. the river broke a flood record and overflowed a retaining wall downtown. officials are ordering holdouts to evacuate while they still can. remnants are also. worcester, playgrounds are flooded. and this bmw was no match for the flood. >> the tow trucks take 48 hours
4:38 pm
to get here. but i guess they're busy. >> reporter: and dozens of cars at this dealership are under water. the national weather service says an additional 10 inches of rain could fall on the mid- atlantic and northeast through thursday night. terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> be sure to stay with wjz and for first warning weather coverage of the flooding. you'll find the updated forecast, and you can track live doppler radar on the home page of if you are waiting for someone to get home, let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hello, crition tee. >> -- kristy. >> the good news is the major roads are in good shape. but there are so many problems on the back roads. loch raven drive, closed between cromwell bridge and providence road. york and sparks road, all lanes blocked. the bridge there is completely under water. and ellicott city, all lanes blocked, main street between columbia and oella.
4:39 pm
gwen oak avenue, closed between beethoven avenue and windsor mill. and as supported on the conowingo dam, that is closed between shoreville road and 22. so instead, take the tydings memorial bridge or even the hana bridge as your alternate. and also, pulaski highway at jones road. all lanes are blocked in that direction. let's now take a live look. as you can see, not a bad drive there on the beltway at old court road. and let's take another look at the north side, harford road. everything moving at the posted speed in that direction as well. this report is brought to you by baltimore harley-davidson and old glory. register now for the baltimore ride to remember for 9/11. you can always register at hc bge's response to the storms is making state lawmakers evaluate if more could have been done. hundreds of thousands of upset customers were without electricity. some didn't get power back
4:40 pm
until one week after the storm. the senate is planning a briefing with the state utilities on their response. and the general hearing is set for october. bge officials say they're open to discussing their performance. the collapse of a massive crane outside the national cathedral is forcing president obama to change venues for a september 11th commemoration speech. the crane was brought in to repair earthquake damage at the washington national cathedral, before it toppled over. the fall damaged bells surrounding the -- buildings surrounding the region. a 25-year-old father is under arrest today in connection with the murder of his 1-year-old son. police found the infant dead in the basement of a home in southwest baltimore. authorities are investigating. weijia is in the newsroom with more on this mysterious case. weijia? >> reporter: vic, officers arrived at the house, hafer after they were called on a report of an abduction. a woman couldn't find her son who had just turned 1 the day before. officers found the body in the
4:41 pm
basement, beaten, bloody, and wrapped up in a stained air mattress. after a thorough investigation, detectives arrested the boy's father, 25-year-old carey close. vic? >> close is being held on murder and assault charges. authorities are conducting an autopsy to confirm the cause of the boy's death. president obama will unveil a new plan tonight, aimed at boosting the number of jobs available to the millions of people looking for work. danielle nottingham reports for wjz at from capitol hill. some are even choosing to skip the speech. >> reporter: the stakes are high for president obama as he gets ready to lay out his jobs plan before a joint session of congress and the nation. the president is expected to call for an extension of the payroll tax cut. and new efforts to rebuild roads, bridges and schools. he's also likely to push an aid package for state and local governments that hire new teachers and first responders. and tax credits for refinancing
4:42 pm
mortgages, job training and businesses that hire new workers and veterans. the president's fellow democrats are on board. >> i support its goal. to create good jobs. and to 14 million people who have no jobs. >> reporter: but republican leaders say not so far. they're not happy with the nearly $400 billion price tag and what they expect to get for the money. >> by the president's own standards, his jobs agenda has been a failure. and we can't afford to make the same mistake twice. >> reporter: some tea party lawmakers are skipping the speech entirely, including senator jim dement. he's in south carolina. house speaker john boehner encouraged his members to be there but said it's their choice. >> you remember, i'm just the speaker. all right? we got 434 colleagues who have their own opinions. and they're entitled to them. >> reporter: president obama will need gop help to get his proposal off the ground, as he tries to get americans back to
4:43 pm
work with his own job on the line. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and we have learned that governor o'malley, a baltimore city schoolteacher and her husband, will sit with the first lady at tonight's speech. and you can see what the president says, starting at 7:00, right here on wjz. the federal government is taking new emergency steps to oust deadly bath salts from store shelves nationwide. kai is live in the newsroom with more on the ban. kai? >> reporter: with mounting pressure from state governments, the dea has ordered a ban on the sin synthetic chemicals used to make these salts. they are especially popular among teens and have a similar effect to cocaine or lsd. the dea says the ban will take effect in 30 days. and it is expected to last for at least a year. >> bath salts are currently sold online and over the counter at retail outlets all over the country. it caused a lot of buzz
4:44 pm
both on and off the football field. and now, you can buy your very own maryland terp uniform. they will auction off 10 of these hats and jerseys. helmets start at $500. jerseys, $200. that's what the bidding opens at. all proceeds will go to maryland athletics. we have put a link to the auction site on under links and numbers. >> i think it's going to grow on people. >> you do? >> yeah. and we'll see the other combinations. but personally, i'm not buying a helmet. because it crushes your hair. makes for bad hair. >> okay. you have very little need for it. although the winds are pretty tough at times. up in flames. the trouble the driver ran into after the accident. plus, actress on the mend. the scare that sent reese witherspoon to the hospital. and bob is tracking more rain in your first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
we have breaking news for you as you look at these incredible pictures of flooding in harford county. the county executive, david craig, has just declared a state of emergency and ordered evacuations from havre de grace because of the rising floodwaters. we'll have more on the flooding in a few minutes. a rescue to save a trapped woman. weijia jiang has the heroic rescue. >> reporter: neighbors say they were sound asleep when the a loud boom woke them up in the middle of the night. that's when they went out to take a look and found this car engulfed in flames. police say the driver ran offer the road, flipped two parked cars and then ran up a driveway. a woman was trapped inside. without shoes or shirt, one
4:49 pm
resident ran over to help. >> it took me about four or five punches and i i was able to bust through the front windshield of the car. and we were able to get it out and drag her out. >> reporter: the 51-year-old managed to rescue the woman just seconds before a tire exploded. the driver was later charged with a dui. vic? >> now, that's a hero. weijia, thank you. >> the woman and her cres rescuer suffered -- her rescuer suffered a few minor burns. but they're expected to be okay. academy award-winning actress, reese witherspoon was struck by a vehicle while running across an unmarked crosswalk thursday. the driver, an 84-year-old woman, is being cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. wilgter spoon was -- witherspoon was taken to the hospital, where she suffered minor injuries. a familiar baltimore ship returned after aiding 9 countries. the u.s. hospital ship, usns comfort completed a mission to
4:50 pm
central and south america and the caribbean. the comfort crew provided medical help to over 60,000 people. about 160 crewmembers will unload in baltimore tonight. >> wow. >> welcome home. >> great humanitarians. a brief break from the rain this afternoon. >> but don't get used to it. bob turk shows us when the rain
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
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well, we did catch a bit of a break on the baltimore metro. but there's more rain coming. take a look at radar. right now, south of the region. that's where the bulk of the activity is. and also, west of us. particularly frederick, montgomery county, and south of d.c. heavy rain down there. right now, flood warnings in effect for you folks in the frederick area. this could easily pick up 1, 2, or 2 1/2 inches of rain between now, and let's say 7:00 tonight. also, heavy bands now, across southern portions of maryland. moving towards p.g. county. looks like most of this is going to pass just to the west of crawford. and southwest of the baltimore area. toward howard county. and southern carroll county.
4:54 pm
this batch passes close to washington again. and maybe western howard county again. i expect to see more flooding issues, particularly west of baltimore tonight. unfortunately, another big strong storm here. you can see the difference in flooding in delaware. that's moving up to the north and northwest now. if you look at the whole state. rain southeast of baltimore, pretty dry around the bay now. most of this is now going on across the region to our west. and some of these areas are southwest of baltimore and d.c. it's all moving up to the north. this may just pass west of us. but i think there's a risk at least from the city west, heavy showers later this evening once again unfortunately. take a look at temperatures right now. 75. east/northeast winds at 15. humidity did come down a bit. the dew point down to 71. the barometer right now is holding steady. right now, 70 in oakland. 77, ocean city. and 80 in pax river. 69, but the rain coming down in
4:55 pm
the hagerstown area. right now, a bit of a northeast wind. that's not good, but the ground so saturated, you get a wind gust up to 20. and here you go, for trees and the power lines once again, unfortunately. now, that little blob out there. that is, yes, hurricane katia. it's moving now north and eventually away from the coast. it's hopefully may actually drop a little dryer air into the region. but for the time being, we're still dealing with low pressure. still sitting out to the west. and we continue to bring the moisture in from the gulf and the atlantic. the bulk from the north and the susquehanna basin as you can see. quick look to the north. katia, moving out. goodbye. maria moving westward. and you see the tracks moving away from the united states. and could become a hurricane the next two days, heading towards south texas or mexico. for our region, we're still dealing with scattered shower activity for the next two days.
4:56 pm
but nothing like we've seen the last two or three days. on the bay tomorrow, may bring in a little dry air. a few showers and drizzle tonight. 66 tomorrow. don't be surprised to see an afternoon thunderstorm. but maybe some sun. a little warmer back up in the upper 80s. >> okay. >> we're on the other side ,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
dangerous flooding. wjz is tracking conditions all around maryland. i'm mike hellgren, in port deposit, where the flooding danger is real. the latest on evacuations, a water rescue, and just how bad it's going to get here. >> i'm jessica kartalija, in
4:59 pm
canton, baltimore city. coming up next on wjz. how ravens fans and steelers fans are getting ready for this weekend's big game. that's straight ahead. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. "eyewitness news at 5:00" starts now. flooded and stranded. high waters cause problems across the state. >> why the danger is far from over. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm denise koch, in for mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> it's still fallout from the record rainfall. many areas have seen more than six inches in the past 24 hours. and drivers are becoming trapped in those floodwaters.


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